Mortgage Servicing

Modern Mortgage Servicing Solutions

WE provide a full range of mortgage solutions to credit unions, financial institutions and investors, enabling them to offer comprehensive, competitive benefits to their members and customers. We offer branded and white label turnkey solutions, as well as access to the secondary market, all tailored to your program’s specific requirements.


We can tailor a servicing solution to match your exact needs.

  • Branded or white-label
  • Borrower and Investor portals
  • Payment processing
  • Complete customer servicing, including delinquency management
  • Online consumer access for payments and routine service
  • Escrow management and annual analysis
  • Core system APIs available
  • Solution customized to your needs

Secondary Market Access

We provide access to the broad secondary market, including Freddie Mac and other credit union, financial institution and private investors.

  • We support all types of mortgages
    • Conventional (FNMA/FHLMC)
    • Government-backed (FHA)
    • Ginnie Mae (GNMA)
    • Jumbo
    • Agency-backed
    • Qualified (QM)
    • Non-Qualified (Non-QM)
  • Provide competitive rates without future interest rate risk
  • Accelerate capital turnover / get paid upfront
  • Sell existing loans to reduce payoff risk
  • Leverage capital to serve more members and customers
  • No overlays over secondary guidelines
  • No hit for escrow waiver


“When we needed a lending program, First Servicing had us up and running quickly, originating loans through their lender network. Their team has provided the technology and experience we need to be competitive and compliant in this heavily regulated area.”

“One of the big benefits we have found from working with First Servicing is the expanded breadth of options we now offer our members. Before we were pretty limited, but today we offer conventional FNMA/FHLMC, FHA, GNMA, jumbos, qualified, non-qualified, pretty much everything. Having the extra options has definitely made a difference for our members.”

“One of our favorite features from First Servicing is the new online portal. Not only can our customers take care of business 24 by 7, we have continuous access to all the reporting we need to run our business and satisfy our auditors.”

“With our old servicer, it was their way or the highway. They had limited features and not a lot of flexibility. We switched to First Servicing because they promised they could provide the flexibility to match our situation and they have delivered … and we saved money as well.”

Reduce costs / improve efficiency

Take advantage of our skills and scale to reduce your cost of servicing.

First Servicing Will …

  • Reduce your servicing cost through our modern technology and experienced, dedicated staff
  • Free up your internal team to focus on other priorities
  • Reduce the burden on your staff to support customer requests
  • Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction by moving their requests to self-service using our online portal, available 24×7.

First Servicing Will …

Provide high quality service to your customers.

  • Modern technology
  • 24×7 online and mobile access
  • Well-trained staff

Improve customer service quality

We have the staff, technology and attitude to deliver outstanding service to your customers.

Reduce compliance headaches

It’s pretty complicated … and even honest mistakes can be costly.

First Servicing Will …

Remove this headache from your load:

  • Efficient escrow management
  • 24/7 access to all transactions, documents and communications
  • Online portal to support your oversight responsibilities